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Welcome to Latter Day Hymns. We offer a visitors access to the LDS Hymns in the current LDS Hymnals with some other additions. On this site you will find the text to the hymns, links to sheet music, videos, information on the songwriters and more.

Publications dates for LDS Hymnals:
1841 – Nauvoo Hymnal (put together by Emma Smith)
1844 – The Latter-day Saints’ Psalmody
1908 – Songs of Zion
1909 – Deseret Sunday School Songs
1927 – Hymnal
1948 – 1950 Hymnals
1985 – Hymnal (currently in use)

Sections of the LDS Hymnal:
1-16: Restoration Hymns
17-96: Praise and Thanksgiving Hymns
97-168: Prayer and Supplication Hymns
169-196: Sacrament Hymns
197-200: Easter Hymns
201-214: Christmas Hymns
215-298: Special Topics
299-308: Children’s Songs
309-318: Hymns For Women
319-337: Hymns For Men
338-341: Patriotic Hymns